Wednesday, 15 September 2010

First Impressions Last

I went to my local Magistrates court today as a member of the public just to watch some people being stripped of their dignity and finances & of course, gain more understanding of how the whole process works for myself.
Having been in their various times previously, I have noticed that they have what looks to be an ATM in the reception area, right in front of you when you walk in.
When reading the information on the machine it claims to be way of making payment to the court by placing your money in the envelope, which makes it nice and easy for they to take your money off you. I have included some scans of the envelope in this blog post.

1) If the courts were truly a public service, why would they charge a fine and expect payment for doing nothing more than telling you that you've (supposedly) done something wrong
2) Are they claiming that justice = paying money?
3) Something  else I noticed and that is that it used the word "deposit" on the back of the envelope. I always thought that a deposit was something that they are holding safe & you eventually get back?
4) On the front is says "please enter your account number(s)". You actually have an account with these people!! Try Phoning them up and asking for your balance.

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